What is a financial Plan?

Our plans create a road-map for achieving your personal financial goals. It is both a process and a journey, not an event. We focus on your priorities and values such a reducing your taxes, creating wealth, saving for college, and building a retirement fund. Based on your current situation of Cash Flow, Assets, Investments, Taxes, etc. we will design a customized plan aimed at maximizing your financial future and sustainability.

What does “Fee-only” mean?

Most financial service professionals are not ‘fee-only’.  We do not sell mutual funds or insurance, instead we provide objective customized advice for a service fee just like an attorney or doctor does.

We can recommend financial products and we can assist in helping you get them. We can help you set up accounts and implement your plans if you wish.

Who needs advicE?

Anyone can benefit from additional financial knowledge and well-being, however some life events may increase the necessity for specific investment advice. If you are just starting out creating your goals. If you are considering, nearing, or already in retirement. Those experiencing life changes such as marriages, a new baby, a new job, buying a business, or even divorce. Or if you already set up and just want a second opinion, a trip to Evergreen is just what you need.

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